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OnePlus 5T Review: A Completely Superior Kick in The Teeth

Despite the OnePlus 5 being out for barely 5 months, it now has a successor: the OnePlus 5T. This quick release cycle shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with OnePlus, but it’s still in many ways a kick in the teeth to those who recently picked up a OnePlus 5. I think I

OnePlus 5 Vs. OnePlus 3T: Specs Price design Compared

ONEPLUS 5 VS ONEPLUS 3T: ALL THE KEY SPECS COMPARED As expected, Chinese start-up OnePlus has unveiled its latest ‘flagship killer’, the OnePlus 5, which offers high-end specs and design Its price is $ 255 in China. How does it stack up against its predecessor, the generally excellent OnePlus 3T? Is it worth the upgrade?