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Samsung Galaxy S8 VS LG G6 review: Guidance and purchase

THE CONTENDERS Right now, there are a lot of worthy candidates if you’re in the market for a new phone. Like all Apple phones, the iPhone 7 Plus is exquisitely crafted, and its dual rear camera is a great tool for smartphone photographers. But after three years, the iPhone’s design is looking a bit stale,

2017 LG G6 review & Price in china –

KEY FEATURES 18:9 quad-HD display HDR10 and Dolby Vision Android 7.0 2 x 13-megapixel rear cameras Very thin bezel Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM 32GB storage, microSD 3,300mAh battery, USB-C Wireless charging (US-only) Quad-DAC (Korea-only) Dual-SIM (select Eastern European countries) Manufacturer: LG Review Price:$289 LG G6 – DISPLAY Rather than the typical 16:9 aspect ratio seen

LG G5 Review in China: LG’s appetite for risk is admirable

LG G5 review: LG’s appetite for risk is admirable, but doesn’t pay off I never thought I’d write this about any phone, but the LG G5 just feels a bit desperate. It feels rushed. It feels like LG’s designers were locked in a room, working on what could be a very good phone, and then