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HAND-ON REVIEW: HTC U11 Price in China, specifications, features,

HTC learned the hard way that, in the cutthroat smartphone industry, you need to bring your A-game each and every time. Make a misstep and, though recovery isn’t impossible, it’ll cost you dearly – cash that HTC just doesn’t have to splash around. The stakes are high for the HTC U11, then, and in a

HTC 10 VS GALAXY S7 Camera comparison: Which is good?

After a string of middling flagship phones, HTC is back in a big way with the HTC 10. Featuring a strikingly handsome aluminum unibody design, good battery life and a slick, lightweight version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the 10 is the best phone HTC has made in three years. But is it really the best

HTC 10 Review in China: The perfect 10?

Design and fingerprint sensor The Glacier Silver model shows it best, revealing at least three different shades of silver when placed face down on a table, but the Topaz Gold and Carbon Grey are both equally handsome in their own way. Regardless of which one you pick, it’s definitely more attractive than LG’s rather plain-looking